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10 amazing things to do at home amid pandemic

This year, with cases of COVID-19 variant Omicron shooting up, people should celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with family and friends

New Year is a time when we bid adieu to the present year and welcome new beginnings with open arms. It gives us another chance to start a feesh and it’s advent is celebrated with pomp and fervour.

This year, with cases of COVID-19 variant Omicron shooting up, people are planning to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at home with family and friends.

Here are 10 best things to do on New Year’s Eve and Day:

New Year 2022 Special Meal: During the month of December, members of the family who stay in different parts of the world or country usually return home to celebrate the beginning of the upcoming year together. So, rather than going out and partying during the pandemic, you can prepare a hearty meal that everyone will appreciate. This moment will not just bring laughter around the table but will make people feel blessed.

Movie night: As the fear of Omicron is rising in the country, it is time to stay indoors and curl up inside a blanket. The best way to make the New Year’s eve special is to watch a movie with your family. Also, to watch the countdown to next year on your home screen, you can count along and celebrate with all.

Board Game night: Keeping in mind the social distancing norms and curfews around the country, this year welcome the new year by pulling out your favourite board game. Along with that, arrange some popcorn and get together with your family to have the best night of your life.

Create a Photo Booth at home: Be it any occasion, photo booths have been a trendy affair among people in the last few months. This year, those who wish to stay home and are deciding to make memories can create a photo booth at home that you will remember for a lifetime.


Make a mocktail: Mocktails are not just tasty but healthy too and making them is a lot more fun. So, on New Year, try to have a contest between your family members and find out who can make the best mocktail among all. While preparing it, you can watch your family members getting creative as they make the drink.

Karaoke night: Those who have singers in the family can make their very own Karaoke night at home. Even the people who feel shy singing in public can sing their heart out among close friends and family. The simple way to do it is to put on the best song along with karaoke numbers on YouTube and channel your inner Sonu Nigam.

Relax and try to spend time for yourself: Work from home has made people more stressed with responsibilities and therfore, try doing something for yourself on this New Year’s Eve. Sit back, relax and spend the time with your family. A few can also even meditate or simply opt for the best spa therapy that will heal you completely.

Make DIY Crafts: These days people tend to buy decorations online, be it even for a small party or celebration. Those opting to stay home can decoupage on old glass bottles or can even create party hats or other items that can catch others’ attention. This method will not just make you feel elated but will also bring out your creative side to the world.

Watch Netflix and Chill: Rather than spending time on social media, people can just watch Netflix and chill at home. If you don’t have any plans to go out or no one is coming home then put on an old movie or some classic that you love the most. Watch it with some good pizza and a drink. It will be the best way to celebrate the coming year.

Sign up for a Run Start: This is for those who are starting to begin the year on a healthy note. Usually, on 1 January, there are many events and runs that take place across the country. So those who are interested can enroll themselves and make the best of the coming year.

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