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Austin Convention Center Parking Guide, TX

The Austin Convention Center (ACC) is a LEED® Gold EB-certified facility in the centre of Austin, Texas, the Lone Star State’s capital. We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown, surrounded by 11,000 hotel rooms.

The Convention Center covers six city blocks and has 881,400 gross square feet. There are no columns in our 5 connected display rooms, which total 247,052 square feet. In 1990, Austin lacked a critical piece of infrastructure that would allow it to welcome almost half a million visitors throughout the year. This issue became a major worry as the city’s status as a tourist attraction grew. The answer was the Neal Kocurek Memorial Austin Convention Center. The Convention Center was added to the city’s enterprise arm to raise funds for public needs in 1992.

Amenities in the ACC

Austin Convention Center

The ACC has a Business Center, Atrium Café, Flight Board, Flight Check-in Kiosk, Shipping Services, and Gift Shop, among other attractions.

Education in the ACC

According to their website, “Our crew engages in a variety of activities and events throughout the year to educate Austinites of all ages about the Austin Convention Center. We go to college career fairs and employment fairs to tell them about the wonderful opportunities we have. High school students and community members attend our events (AustinCorps Program and CityWorks Academy) for an in-depth lesson on our position in city government, which includes a complete site visit of our facility.”

Every year, when the weather warms, ACC welcomes a fresh crop of bright young minds into the fold. In every category, students from various Austin-area high schools work alongside seasoned members of our staff. This programme provides young adults with six weeks of hands-on experience working together in a professional atmosphere. As a consequence, students understand how our venue contributes to the city’s general growth and success.

Austin Convention CenterAustin Convention Center
Austin Convention Center

The Mentor and Tutor Volunteer Program of the City of Austin is also a fantastic way for ACC to help local youngsters. Every year, our team has the chance to make a difference in the lives of youngsters. Throughout the school year, we assist students with class assignments and provide direction and assistance. It’s just a friendly reminder to the children that they have people rooting for them to succeed. Another encouragement to our pupils to keep going on the correct route.

The ACC takes pleasure in being a community leader who promotes beneficial events for Austin residents to enjoy. We value the continuation of iconic cultural events associated with the city. The ACC crew is dedicated to helping local grassroots groups and events, whether it’s through fundraising or offering space. This is why, to mention a few, the ACC collaborates with the Trail of Lights, Art City Austin, Viva La Vida Fest – Mexic-Arte Museum, and Austin City Limits.

Disabled Parking Options

Every level of the ACC garages has parking for those with disabilities. These locations are close to the elevators. You will be given complimentary parking if your car displays a Disabled Veteran or other Meritorious Military Honors speciality plate.

Parking Information

There are two garages for parking. The first garage is located two blocks west of the complex at 201 EAST 2ND STREET, a 10-story, 1,000-space garage. Brazos and San Jacinto. Clearance Entrances Height: 6’9”. 601 EAST 5TH STREET is a 5-story, 685-space garage located directly north of the complex.

Parking options

Parking for 0 to 30 minutes is free, however, if you wish to park for a day, then the cost will be $48. Parking overnight is not allowed. The price does also increase in the middle area between 30 minutes and one day. Here is the full price chart.

ACC Parking CostACC Parking Cost
ACC Parking Cost

The 5th Street Parking Garage charges a fixed cost of $10 on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays, 4:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.). The fixed charge is valid from the moment of arrival until 11:00 a.m. the next day. Regular fees will apply beginning at 11:00 a.m. The weekend flat fee will increase to $15 on June 3.

Nearby Parking Options to ACCNearby Parking Options to ACC
Nearby Parking Options to ACC

Just in case you can’t park in the garage, there are tons of parking options nearby.

Public Transit to ACC

Public transit to ACCPublic transit to ACC
Public transit to ACC

Here are all of the bus stops nearby.

Nearest bus stop to ACCNearest bus stop to ACC
Nearest bus stop to ACC

The nearest bus stop is 515 Cesar Chavez/Red River.