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World Metrology Day is celebrated globally on 20 May every year. On this day many nations, internationally collaborate to create awareness about metrology and its advancement in the related field. This theme was chosen to create awareness about the important role metrology plays in facilitating fair global trade, ensuring that products meet standards and regulations and product requirements. On this day many nations cooperate to raise awareness about metrology and its advancement in the field related to it internationally.

According to newstracklive.com, World Metrology Day is an annual event celebrated by representatives of seventeen countries to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Meter Convention, held on 20 May 1875 in Paris, France. Currently, 61 countries are members of this organization. The World Metrology Day project is being jointly implemented by the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and the Bureau International des Poudes et Messers (BIPM).

Accurate and accurate measurement is essential for science, industry, and quality of life. This not only establishes a systematic system but also encourages inventions. The Meter Convention has played a role in setting the framework for global cooperation in metrology and its industrial, commercial, and social applications. The main objective of this convention has been to establish worldwide uniformity of measurement.

Best Posters, Quotes, Images, and Messages for World Metrology Day 2022

World Metrology Day 2022: Best PostersWorld Metrology Day 2022: Best Posters

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World Metrology Day 2022: QuotesWorld Metrology Day 2022: Quotes
World Metrology Day 2022: MessagesWorld Metrology Day 2022: Messages
World Metrology Day 2022: HD ImagesWorld Metrology Day 2022: HD Images
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