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Every year Sita Navami is celebrated on the Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. This festival is celebrated about a month after Ram Navami. Sita Ji was revealed on the Vaishakh Shukla Navami date, hence it is known as Janaki Jayanti or Sita Navami. The day of Sita Navami is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Mata Sita is the wife of Lord Shri Ram and is revered for her sacrifice and dedication. It is believed that Sita had appeared in this. Goddess Sita is revered as a symbol of purity, sacrifice, dedication, courage, and patience. The festival of Sita Navami will be celebrated on Tuesday, May 9, 2022, this year.

According to prabhatkhabar.com, According to Hindu mythology, when King Janaka was plowing the land to perform the Yagya, he found a baby girl in a gold coffin. While plowing the land, a gold coffin was found inside the field. A plowed land is called Sita, so King Janak named the girl Sita. Goddess Sita is believed to be an incarnation form of Goddess Lakshmi who was born in Mithila and is also known by the names Janaki, Bhumija, and Maithili. In the Hindu calendar, Sita Jayanti comes one month after Ramnavami.

It is said that by keeping a fast on the day of Sita Navami, if the married people worship Lord Rama and Sita Mata according to the law, then they get the desired boon. It is said that keeping fast and worshiping brings happiness and peace in the house and long life to the husband. The scriptures believe that fasting and worshiping on this day gives equal fruit to many pilgrimages and charity. Just as Ram Navami is celebrated as a very auspicious and fruitful festival, similarly Sita Navami is also considered very auspicious.

Best Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, and Greetings To Share for Sita Navami 2022

Sita Navami 2022: Best Quotes

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Sita Navami 2022: Best WishesSita Navami 2022: Best Wishes
Sita Navami 2022Sita Navami 2022
Sita Navami Sita Navami
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