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Last-Minute Snack Ideas for New Year’s Eve 2021 House Party: From Chips And Dips to Cheese Board, These Yummylicious Food Items Are Must-Try!

2021 is finally on the verge of its end. And people are every too happy to say bye to the rollercoaster of a year that was 2021. New Year 2022 has been highly anticipated, and people are busy planning the safest ways of welcoming the New Year while also having all the fun. And having a close-knit house party on New Year’s Eve 2021 seems like the best bet. Rangoli Designs for New Year 2022: Simple ‘Happy New Year’ Rangoli Pattern Videos To Draw and Decorate Your House To Welcome The Coming Year in Style!

With the continued increase in the number of cases and the increasing curbs on dining out, staying home with select fully vaccinated friends, sipping on some chilled drinks and making jokes about all the ups and downs of the year is clearly the way to go. And if you are someone eager to organize the New Year 2022 house parties, then here are the must-have New Year 2022 Party Snacks you need on your list.

1. Chips and Dips

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While it seems like a classic, it is undoubtedly the most addictive snack for any house party. Invest in some quality dips that are unique and fun, or go for the classic jalapeno and salsa dips, and the spice-packed deliciousness is perfect for the evening. The best part is the chips can literally be your classic nachos or potato chips, and if you want a head-start on your New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier, then some vacuum fried veggie chips!

2. Cheese Board

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This party snack is more of a must-have in every single soiree. So if you want to add a touch of fancy to your New Year 2022 party, then putting together a cheese board is the way to go. Just get your hands on some fresh strawberries, which are currently in season, some cherry tomatoes and just an array of your favourite cheese with some lite salty crackers and there you have it! (Pro Tip – Using your fancy wooden vegetable chopping boards as your cheese board is an added advantage!)

3. Anything With Schezwan Sauce

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This party snack is for the spice-loving folks in the house. Whether it’s your traditional Indian chakli or some pickled dill, anything goes perfectly with schezwan sauce. And if you are feeling experimental, you can always whip up some easy and quick Indian-Chinese fusion starters to make the perfect combos!

4. Pickled or Fresh Cut Veggies

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While we may all enjoy cheat days, especially on occasions like New Years’ celebrations, having healthier alternatives has not hurt anyone (no, really, it hasn’t). So just Julliane some fresh carrots, radishes and beets or get your hands on a bottle of delicious pickled veggies. A quick homemade pickling option is to store some fresh cuts of veggies in a dash of vinegar and lemon-based broth with a dash of chilli oil. Just prop the veggies overnight and enjoy the light acidic taste the next day!

5. All The Breads & Lavash

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No snacks or appetizers are as satisfying as a good breadbasket. Get a mix of freshly baked goodness and add some deliciously favoured lavash and you have yourself a mulching basket that nobody can say no to!

We hope these last-minute snacking options help you to make the most of New Year’s Eve 2021. And we hope you continue to be safe and protected as we welcome New Year 2022!

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