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Real weight loss journey; An inspiring story of a lady who lost 67 kgs

New Delhi: Mumbai’s food blogger Mohini, a 24-year-old law student, and a corporate employee was diagnosed with ‘PCOD’.

Due to this, her condition got worse. Her heaviest was recorded at 67 kgs, Mohini told people started mocking her and made several comments about her which demotivated her at times. But she never gave up and the right lifestyle helped her lose 10 kgs.


So, how did she do that? Here is the diet and lifestyle which motivated and helped her lose weight.



  • Biggest turning point:  Mohini told that she was not able to have time to herself because of her busy schedule, but fortunately got time when the office allowed working from home.


  • what was her diet? 
  • Breakfast-Poha / Idli / Upma / Besan Chila
  • lunch-2 multigrain roti, 1 bowl of lentils, salad, and any vegetable cooked in less oil
  • dinner-1 bowl of soup and salad
  • Pre-workout meal4 to 5 overnight soaked almonds with green tea
  • post-workout meal anyone seasonal fruit
  • low calorie recipeChana Chaat


    • Workout Regimen: Mohini told that she used to work out for 30 minutes every day. Which included 5 minutes of warmup, then high knees, jumping jacks, crunches, squats, or 40 minutes of a brisk walk.


  • Fitness Secret: “There is no shortcut, don’t fall prey to misleading claims”

  • How to motivate yourself: Mohini told when she started the journey she felt light and started feeling confident, this motivated her.


  • What Changes one can make in the lifestyle: Switching from masala chai to green tea and doing yoga or exercise, can help one to reduce obesity.
  • What Mohini learned from her weight loss journey:  Working hard is the only mantra that will help you achieve anything.