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These  recommendations will help you control your high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in our blood. Blood needs healthy cholesterol to build healthy cells.

High cholesterol scares us all this can cause heart attack and other heart diseases.

Generally, medications help in controlling cholesterol but in some cases, even medicines are of no use.

So here are a few recommendations that we all know but we go blind when it comes to applying the same.

·    Eat foods that are friendly to your heart

1)  Reduce Saturated Fat: Saturated fat includes full dairy products and red meat, decreasing your consumption of saturated fat can also lower the bad protein.

2) Lower Trans fat: Trans fat is the worst fat to consume they raise bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. Food and Drug Administration banned the use of partially hydrogenated oils by 1 January 2021. Low Trans fat is usually seen in cookies and cakes.

3) Eat food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 acids don’t affect cholesterol but they affect blood pressure. Walnut, soybean, canola oils, and flaxseeds are a few foods with Omega 3.

4) Fruits- Fruits help to lower cholesterol levels.

5) Eat Soluble Fiber: Soluble fiber helps to digest food in the form of a gel. Oats, Peers, and citrus fruit are one of them.

6) Exercising Daily: The doctor recommends at least 30 minutes of a workout/cardio and 20 minutes of brisk walking after having meals. And adding physical activity in any form: Swimming, Cycling or just playing any sports.

7) Carrying Extra pounds can also increase cholesterol: Avoid sugary (sweets, processed food), Maida, and fried food which will increase your weight. Workout as much as possible.

In case, you have a busy schedule and cannot make this change in your lifestyle then make a few changes in your current lifestyle i.e walking and using stairs instead of elevators.

8) Drink in moderation: Drinking in moderation can help you with HDL Cholesterol. But doctors don’t recommend it, specially on daily basis. Heavy drinking can cause heart diseases and heart attacks.

If after following all the recommendations one sees no change then he or she must consult a doctor.