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World Athletics Day will be celebrated on May 7 this year. The main objective of World Athletics Day is to popularize sports among youth and to give priority to athletics in schools, colleges, and institutions. The date of World Athletics Day varies every year which is determined by the IAAF; however, it is celebrated mostly in the month of May. The sport of athletics is a specialized collection of sporting events that include competitive events such as running, running, throwing, and jumping.

According to tentaran.com, The first World Athletics Day was celebrated in 1996. The event was organized by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF). This day was first celebrated on July 17, 1912. The Athletics Federation of India is the apex body to run and manage athletics in India and is affiliated with the IAAF and the Indian Olympic Association. AFI has 32 affiliated state units and institutional units. The AFI was formed in 1946 and the federation organizes national championships and arranges training for Indian athletics. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, race walking, and cross country running.

The main objective of this day is to raise awareness about sports among the people and to educate the youth about the importance of sports. To popularize sports among youth and establish a link between youth, sports, and environmental protection. To establish athletics as the number one participation sport in schools around the world. So the basic objective of World Athletics Day is to promote the culture of sports among the students from the very childhood so that they can give good results in big events like Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, etc.

Top Quotes, Drawings, And HD Images for World Athletics Day 2022

World Athletics Day 2022: Top Quotes

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World Athletics Day 2022: Top wishesWorld Athletics Day 2022: Top wishes
World Athletics Day 2022: Top MessagesWorld Athletics Day 2022: Top Messages
World Athletics Day World Athletics Day
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