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Top Quotes, Posters, Images, Slogans, Messages To Create Awareness

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Every year May 18 is observed as World AIDS Vaccine Day. This day is organized to spread awareness among people about AIDS vaccination. This day is also celebrated to thank the scientists who discovered the vaccine for a disease like AIDS. Along with this, this day is also dedicated to those doctors and scientists who are constantly trying to prevent it, whether it is through research or the manufacture of vaccines. World AIDS Vaccine Day also emphasizes recognizing the importance of investing in new technology for the international community.

According to amarujala.com, A speech was delivered by US President Bill Clinton at Morgan State University on May 18, 1997. Based on this, it was decided to celebrate World AIDS Vaccine Day. In this speech, he talked about ending AIDS through vaccines in the coming decade. Since this speech, people all over the world were convinced that AIDS can be eliminated. According to the report, this disease was found in 3.79 crore people worldwide till 2018. Out of these, the highest number of 18 million women are patients while 17 million are men. At the same time, this disease has been found in 17 lakh children as well. According to the WHO, the target of end it by 2030, due to the increasing prevalence of antiretroviral therapy, there has been a significant reduction in HIV infection.

On World AIDS Vaccine Day, there are discussions between scientists and doctors about the AIDS vaccine. Medical college students are informed about the history and important things related to the AIDS vaccine. A safe and effective HIV vaccine is necessary to end the HIV epidemic. On this day people are also made aware of ways to avoid AIDS and possible treatment.

Top Quotes, Posters, Images, Slogans, Messages To Create Awareness for World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022

World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Top Quotes

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World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: PostersWorld AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Posters
World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: MessagesWorld AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Messages
World AIDS Vaccine Day World AIDS Vaccine Day
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