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TruthSocial.com Login – Login to your Truth Social Web app

Trump Media & Technology Group launched Truth Social, a social networking platform (TMTG). Former US President Donald Trump addressed the prospect of starting a new social media site after getting banned from Facebook and Twitter in 2021. The attack on the US Capitol in 2021 resulted in this.

In May 2021, Trump launched “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” a website where he sent brief tweet-like announcements. After less than a month, it was shut down.

On October 20, 2021, Trump Media & Technology Group released a news release. They said the platform will go live in the “first quarter of 2022.” In November 2021, it was planned to launch into restricted beta for iOS in the Apple App Store.

Despite the fact that the test site did not meet the date, Trump announced in December 2021 that “invited visitors” were already using it.

Users began trolling, creating fake profiles, and posting complaints and jokes on the site. Users may create accounts using the usernames of well-known figures such as Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jack Dorsey. The link was later removed.

On October 21, 2021, the Software Freedom Conservancy reported that Truth Social had violated Mastodon’s licence by not making its source code available to all users.

The Mastodon developers then explicitly demanded that Truth Social adhere to the terms of the software license. On November 12, 2021, truth Social published its source code as a ZIP download on its website.

Steps to login in Truth social app (Web Version)

To login to the web app of Truth Social, you will need to have a valid account linked to an Email. If you have not yet made an account on Truth Social, you will need to create it using the same tab. Instead of just filling in your information, you will have to click on the “create account” button. Then, you will have to fill in the required information. The required information is a valid email or phone number, your account name, and your password. Now that you have created your account, let’s learn how to log in. Logging in is as simple as just filling in the information you did on the “create an account” page.

When you initially visit the Truth Social website, boxes on the right enable you to enter your username or email address, as well as your password. Enter your Truth Social username or the email address you used to sign up, as well as your account’s password. Click the “forgot password?” link if you’ve forgotten your password. To begin the password reset procedure, you will be prompted to enter your email address, Truth Social username, or phone number.

Click the “Log in” button once you’ve finished entering your information. You will be transported to your Truth Social home page if you input your login credentials successfully, where you will view the most recent posts from the individuals you follow.

How to Login on an iPhone or Android Device

Truth Social may be downloaded for free on almost any smartphone. It’s available in the app store for your smartphone. When you first log into Truth Social, you’ll be offered the choice of creating a new account or signing in using an existing one. You will be asked whether you want to create a new account using your Google address if you are using a Google device.

  • You may sign in using SMS on an iPhone if your Truth Social account is linked to your phone number.
Truth Social login page
  • You will receive a text with a code that you can enter into the app to sign in.

Truth Social login last page

Truth Social login last page

Truth Social’s Technology

Twitter has a big effect on Truth Social. Users will be able to write their own postings (“truths”) and share the posts of other users (“retruths”). The platform will have a “truth feed” news feed as well as a notification system.

In October 2021, the Truth Social platform was still under construction and running on a modified version of Mastodon. It’s a free and open-source social network hosting software that’s typically used to connect to the Fediverse, a bigger collection of social networking websites.

The Truth Social version of Mastodon had some features blocked, including polls and post visibility options. On December 14, 2021, TMTG announced a deal with Rumble. The Truth Social beta website was already using Rumble’s cloud services.

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s new social networking platform, launched late Sunday in the Apple App Store. Some users reported that they were unable to create an account or that they were placed in a wait after receiving the message. “We have added you to our queue due to high demand.”

According to Devin Nunes, “We’ll start rolling out on the Apple App Store this week. That will be fantastic since it will bring a huge increase in the number of individuals using the platform.”

“Our objective is, I think we’re going to hit it, I think we’ll be completely functioning at least within the United States by the end of March,” he continued. They did achieve that goal.

Recently, Trump also had an interview where he occasionally talked about Truth Social. The interview was with David Brody, on the show, Water Cooler.

Truth Social

Truth Social

After a few warm-up questions, Mr Brody asks Trump whether he thinks Biden should undergo a mental-fitness exam and if the 25th Amendment should be invoked if he believes Biden is psychologically unfit for his post.

At first, Trump smiles at the question and adds, “It’s such a wonderful question,” to which both Brody and Trump laugh (Brody’s laugh is especially odd).

Then, in a solemn tone, Trump argues that so much is at stake right now and that anyone running for government should at the very least be intelligent. He then lists several good and awful politicians, concluding that the one thing they have in common is that they are all sharp and intelligent. He also argues that Biden should take an IQ test, but refuses to guess Biden’s intellect, believing that taking the exam is more essential than speculating.

Trump goes on to remark that the media has called him a dictator and other things, but they have never called him dumb. He further claims that if he were in charge of Ukraine, the conflict would not have occurred. He goes on to say that under the authority of people like Biden, the United States is heading to hell. He demonstrates his thesis by claiming that the manner they left Afghanistan was terrible and that it was one of Biden’s worst judgments. He further claims that the Taliban has become the world’s leading exporter of firearms and ammunition as a result of the $85 billion in armaments the US has left them with.

Then, in response to Brody’s inquiry regarding the ministry of truth, Trump veers the topic into Truth Social and its success for an uncomfortable period of time, claiming to have his own ministry of truth.

Trump then spends a lengthy (and uncomfortable) period talking about Truth Social, while Brody tries to slip in a question on Elon Musk. When Brody eventually gets Trump to answer his question about Elon Musk and Twitter, Trump reacts by stating he likes Elon and has supported him when he’s had problems. Then Trump does what he does best: veers the topic into Truth Social by stating Elon shouldn’t be on Twitter because he has Truth Social. He then discusses TruthSocial as a challenger to Facebook and Twitter.

Donald Trump’s Social Media Activity

Trump’s social media presence has drawn international attention since joining Twitter in 2009. He constantly tweeted during the 2016 election campaign and as president until his restriction in the last days of his presidency.

Over the period of twelve years, Trump sent out over 57,000 tweets. He routinely utilized Twitter to communicate directly with the public, ignoring the press.

In June 2017, a White House press secretary said that Trump’s tweets were the official presidential comments. Trump announced the firings of key administration officials and cabinet members on Twitter.

Following years of criticism for allowing Trump to spread disinformation and lies, Twitter began to tag some of Trump’s tweets with fact-checking cautions in May 2020. “Social Media Platforms completely suppress conservative [sic] viewpoints,” Trump tweeted, adding that he would “strongly regulate, or shut them down.”

Trump's TweetTrump's Tweet
Trump’s Tweets

In the days following the attack on the US Capitol, Trump was banned from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Twitter blocked Trump’s and his team’s attempts to circumvent the limitation by using other people’s accounts. The loss of Trump’s social media megaphone, notably his 88.7 million Twitter followers, weakened his ability to manage events. As a result, the number of disinformation on Twitter has decreased considerably.

A Facebook advisory board reviewed the site’s indefinite ban on Trump in May 2021, deciding that it was appropriate at the time but should be reviewed again in six months.

In June 2021, Facebook disabled the account for two years. Later in June, Trump joined the video platform Rumble and began tweeting from his website blog through a spokesperson’s account. Trump’s efforts to re-establish himself on social media were in vain. In May 2021, he launched a blog with a small following that was taken down in less than a month.

Use of Twitter by Trump to disseminate medical falsehoods

On October 5, 2020, Trump announced his resignation from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He commented three days after being admitted to the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 “Covid is not to be feared. Don’t allow it to take over your life. Under the Trump administration, we have created some very amazing medications and information. I’m in better shape than I was 20 years ago!”

Trump’s tweet contradicted public health messages and encouraged followers to disregard COVID-19 preventive guidelines. Trump’s attempt to downplay the COVID-19 pandemic enraged and upset scientific, medical, public health, and ethical professionals, as well as pandemic survivors and relatives of those murdered by the virus. At the time of Trump’s tweet, COVID 19 had murdered at least 210,000 Americans.