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What does touching feet mean? Know about its Significance and Scientific reasons

New Delhi: Why do people touch fee in Hindusim? It is believed that this traditions started during the  Vedic period. In Hindusim, touching feet of elders is a way to express respect, it is also known as ‘Charan Spasht’ / ‘Pranam’ (Namaskar).

What does this signify?

Touching Feet also shows the value (Sanskaar) that a person has got or learned for his/her family. This also make a person happy is touches the feet and in return gets blessings from their elders.

These values are taught to them in their childhood which they practice throughout their life.

There are also several scientific reasons behind this.

Here are some scientific reasons for touching feet:

  • As per science, a human body contains negative and positive flows of power. The left half of the human body conveys a negative current and the right half of the body has a positive current. Both parts together complete a circuit work of positive or negative. Thus, it is recommended that while contacting the feet, we should cross the hands.
  • At the point when you contact the feet of a senior keeping aside your personality at that point, the senior acknowledges your shraddha or your diminished inner self and their heart radiates inspirational tones or considerations and energy, we can likewise say it as karuna which contacts you through their hands and toes.
  •  Nerves emerging from the cerebrum are available all around the body. Along these lines, when you contact fingertips with the contrary feet of the senior, the energies of the two bodies are associated. Fingers and palms become the receptor of energy and the feet of someone else as providers of energy.
  • Powerful energy is additionally delivered while touching the feet that are associated with each other’s psyche and heart.  A person who contacts the feet of a decent soul will pick the right way in life to work.